Thursday, November 24, 2005

What good words are in "흥부와제비"?

Those of you who are not reading the stories on the Korean Lab Web site are ignoring an excellent study source. Do not take Korean children stories for granted; they are an great way to learn the language, and children stories introduced in a progressively more difficult series are even better.

Here is a list of words and expressions I noticed in "흥부와 제비," on the Korean Lab Web site:

Here is a working song that was in the story:

톱질하세, 톱질하세
슬근슬근 톱질하세
이 바가지 복(福)바가지
슬근슬근 톱질하세

Let's saw, let's saw
Gently, gently, let's saw
This gourd's a lucky gourd
Gently, gently, let's saw

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