Friday, November 25, 2005

What does 찰방찰방 mean?

도랑물---------------by 權泰應(권태응)

고추밭에 갈 적에
건너는 도랑물

찰방찰방 맨발로
건너는 도랑물

木花밭에 갈 때도
건너는 도랑물

찰방찰방 고기 새끼
붙잡는 도랑물.

The Ditch Water-------------by Kwon Tae-eung

Going to the red pepper field,
I cross over the ditch water.

Splashing, splashing in my bare feet
I cross over the ditch water

Going to the cotton field too
I cross over the ditch water

Splashing, splashing baby fish
Caught inside the ditch water.

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