Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What does 소리소리 mean?

소리 means the following:
  1. sound; noise
  2. voice; a cry; chirp
  3. a folk song; a ballad
  4. talk; a word; a statement; a remark
  5. a rumor; a report; news; an acount

Now what would you get if you wrote or said 소리 twice (소리소리)? Koreans think you would get "yelling" or "hollering," and it is not just one yell or one holler; it is a session of yelling and hollering. To make it a verb phrase, 지르다 is usually added (i.e. 소리소리 지르다).

I mention 소리소리 지르다 because it came up in a story on the Korean Lab Web site, entitled, "흥부와 제비," which is a Korean classic.

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