Friday, August 29, 2008

숨어 있는 바퀴벌레, 아이까지 싹 없어집니까?

There is an exterminating company here in Korea called CESCO that runs a commercial on TV that I find unbelievably shocking. In what apears to be a desperate attempt to get more customers, a guy in the commercial makes the following promise:

숨어있는 바퀴벌레, 아이까지 싹 없어집니다.

We completely get rid of not only the hidden cockroaches, but even your kids.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Do you enjoy watching non-Koreans speak Korean?

I enjoyed these videos, and thought it would be interesting to ask students of Korean to introduce themselves in Korean on video. I just got these videos off YouTube, but if you would like me to post your video, just link to your YouTube video in the Comments section.

What's the Korean for "Like talking to a brick wall"?

If you look up the Korean equivalent for "It's like talking to a brick wall," you commonly get the expression "쇠귀에 경 읽기 같군요," but I wonder if that really conveys the exact same meaning?

I am asking because there is another Korean expression that seems to have a very similar meaning. Do the following two expressions have the same meanings or are there nuances?
  • 쇠귀에 경 읽기 같군요.
  • 담벼락하고 말하는 셈이다.

I do not have the answer, just the question; however, the second one seems to be a direct translation of the English expression.