Friday, August 14, 2009

Who is Pierre Deporte?

Today, I read in the Chosun Ilbo that a 24-year-old Frenchman named Pierre Deporte would be playing a lead in a new Korean soap opera entitled "Tamra, the Island," which is about a young Englishman who drifts to the Korean island of Jeju sometime in the past. The story was inspired by the story of Dutch explorer Hendrik Hamel, who was shipwrecked on Jeju in the mid 17th century. The old name for Jeju Island was "Tamra" (탐라).

Pierre Deporte, whose Korean name is Hwang Chan-bin (황찬빈), is supposed to be fluent in Korean since he started learning the language at the age of five, when his father married his stepmother, a Korean woman who started teaching him the language. He also came to Korea at a young age and lived for a time.


  1. I think that his Korean was the best of any of the guys. Truly impressive. Very relaxed, really nice. No accent I can tell, talks like a Korean actually, not like a foreigner at all.

  2. I think I'm the level of the Turkish guy,but this french guy Pierre Deporte he takes the wind out ofme and makes me wanna top studying these 고사성어 and go to the 닭집 and rap it up to improve my speaking.

  3. I`m a native Korean, and I must say his Korean is better than mine: so natural, and witty. He`s acting great in the Korean TV drama, Tamna the Island. I can`t wait to see the next episode.

  4. Hot! Hot! Watched it and got me day dreaming of pierre.

  5. Just started watching it today (finished the first episode).

    His Korean may be good, but his English sounds very forced. I did not like his acting in the England scenes (to me, his reactions are robotic, unnatural), but I hope it was either a choice of the director or his nervousness while speaking English, and that his acting will be better in the Tamra scenes.


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