Friday, August 21, 2009

The meaning of "갑돌이가 울면서 떠나는 갑순이를 배웅했다"?

Without commas there are two possible meanings to the sentence. Here is the sentence with the meanings clarified by commas:
  • 갑돌이가 울면서, 떠나는 갑순이를 배웅했다.
    A weeping Kap Doli saw off Kap Suni, who was leaving.
  • 갑돌이가, 울면서 떠나는 갑순이를 배웅했다.
    Kap Doli saw off a weeping Kap Suni, who was leaving.

Of course, in spoken Korean, there would be pauses in place of the commas.

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