Thursday, August 20, 2009

Know any old slang using 똥?

똥 means excrement, feces, poop, or whatever you want to call it. Koreans do not seem to have much of a hangup when it comes to 똥 because it is used in all kinds of expressions. It generally includes the meaning of "being inferior," such as in 똥차, which refers to a car that is always breaking down. Here are a few examples of some old slang and vulgar expressions using 똥. Not every Korean will know these expressions.
  • 똥 -- gold (금)
  • 똥가아지 -- a bargirl
  • 똥같이 노네 -- You are acting childish.
  • 똥개스 -- a fart (방귀)
  • 똥기계 -- a dummy (바보)
  • 똥까스 -- a fart (plays off 돈가스, which means "port cutlet")
  • 똥꿈 -- a lucky dream; a good omen
  • 똥바가지 연애 -- romance with an agricultural major
  • 똥 밟았니 -- Am I crazy?
  • 똥 밟았다 -- "I chose the wrong partner" (in a group date).
  • 똥방위 -- civilian defense soldier (방위병)
  • 똥방 -- one's back pocket
  • 똥배 -- stomach
  • 똥빼다 -- work hard; take pains (애쓰다)
  • 똥보 -- you (너)
  • 똥사다 -- have a hard time (고생하다)
  • 똥 싼 바지 -- loose fitting pants popular with the hip-hop generation
  • 똥찌그리 하다 -- dirty and disgraceful
  • 똥찡기다 -- 1) to dislike something 2) to lose one's nerve (기죽다)
  • 똥차 -- an old, junky car
  • 똥차 옆에서 방귀 뀐다 -- pretend to know something
  • 똥치 -- a prostitute
  • 똥치다 -- to steal
  • 똥치 앞재비 -- a pimp
  • 똥탈 -- an accident; a big problem
  • 똥통 -- you (너); a farmer; an aggricultural college
  • 똥통과 -- Aggriculture Department (in college)
  • 똥통학교 -- an inferior school
  • 똥파리 -- 1) a reporter, 2) a police patrol officer, 3) Wangsipri (왕십리 - a neighborhood in Seoul)


  1. thanks for sharing these slangs.
    I've been self studying korean for a year and a half and I really love the langugage.

    Your posts are always interesting and informative! It's really hard to find blogs written in english that go so in depth into Korean. ^^

  2. Thank you, Shanna. I enjoy writing this stuff not only because it helps me improve my Korean, but also because I remember wishing there was a place I could go for more detailed answers when I first started studying the language. I wish I had had the Internet back then.

    Korean is a fun language to study, which is why I am still studying it, even after thirty-two years.

    Good luck with your Korean.


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