Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do you know any good Korean slang?

UPDATE: I have received an e-mail from a Dr. Byung-Joon Lim (임병준), who claims to be the original author of the list of slang expressions listed below. He said he complied the list with his students in a Business Korean (KREN 4001) class at the University of Georgia in 2001. He also said that I could continue to post the list as long as I identified the source. Well, I think that is a small price to pay for such a useful list, so here is the link to Dr. Lim's Web site, which, itself, looks quite interesting:

Thank you, Dr. Lim.

I plan on refining the list, so if you have suggestions for changing or adding to it, please let me know in the comments section. Please include the English equivalent for any slang you might suggest:

  1. 됐거든.Please don't say anything more. (Used to show that you are tired of hearing someone's excuses.)
  2. 낚였어.You got me. You had me going there.
  3. 낚았지?I got you, didn't I. I had you going, didn't I?
  4. 당근이지.
    You bet./ Absolutely.
  5. 썰렁하군.That's a lame joke.
  6. 분위기 망치게 (조지게) 하지마. / 초치지마.
    Don't spoil the mood.
  7. 너나 잘 해.None of your business. Mind your own business.
  8. 내성질 건드리지 마.
    Don't get on my nerves.
  9. 뒷북치지마.Thanks for the history lesson. Hindsight is 20/20.
  10. 잘났어 정말. / 너 잘났다.
    You are somethng else.
  11. 어제 필름이 끊겼어.
    I blacked out (from drinking) last night.
  12. 그 사람 그거 참 잘~ 됐다. / 쌤통이다.
    He deserves it. Serves him right.
  13. 그래 니 팔뚝 (또는 니 X) 굵다.Yes, you're the man!
  14. 죽을만큼 마셔보자.Let's drink ourselves into stupor.
  15. 니가 나한테 어떻게 그럴 수 있니?
    How could you do that to me?
  16. 놀구 있네~~ 삽질 하네~~
    Yeah. Right~
  17. 거기 물 좋다
    That place rocks! That place kicks!
  18. (문제의 답 등이) 너무쉽네/애걔(걔) 그게다야?
    That's it? /Is that all?
  19. 너도 내 입장이 되어봐
    Put yourself in my shoes.
  20. 저리 가. 꺼져!Take a hike.
  21. 너 정말 치사하다.
    You're so cheap.
  22. 음식 잘 먹었습니다.I've never eaten better.
  23. 이 짓이 지겨워 죽겠어.
    This sucks!
  24. 몇 시에 퇴근해요?What time do you call it a day?
  25. 야, 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야?Come on, what are friends for?
  26. 너무 감격해서 눈물이 난다.It was so touching, I almost cried.
  27. 미안해 할 것까지는 없어.There's nothing to be sorry about.
  28. 내게 고마워할 것까지는 없어.There's no need to thank me.
  29. 이보다 더 좋을 순 없다.It couldn't be better than this!
  30. 메롱Neh Neh Neh Boo Boo
  31. 섭섭(실망)하지않게 해드리겠습니다!You won't be disappointed!
  32. 나를 만만하게 보지마.Don't think I am that easy.
  33. 니가 하는 일이 다 그렇지 뭐.That's what you always do.
  34. 분위기 파악 좀 해라, 인간아.Consider your surroundings, you fool.
  35. 두고보자.
    Just wait! I'll get (또는 pay) you back.
  36. 가만히 있으면 중간이나 가지.
    You should've kept quiet
  37. 이번 한 번만 봐준다.I'm gonna let it slide only this time.
  38. 쟤는 어디가도 굶어죽진 않겠다.No matter where he goes, he'll do just fine.
  39. 너무많은걸 알려고하면 다쳐.Knowing too much will only hurt you.
  40. 제발 잘난 척 좀 그만해.Stop acting like you're something special.
  41. 네가 없으니 뭔가 허전한 기분이야.
    I feel like something is missing when you're not here.
  42. 장난이 좀 심하군.
    Your joking is going a little too far.
  43. 말장난 그만 합시다.
    Let's stop playing word games
  44. 내가 만만하게 보여?Do I look that easy?
  45. 다 엎어버리고 뛰쳐 나가고싶다.
    I just want to drop everything and run away.
  46. 여기 분위기 엄청 살벌하다. (삭막하다)The atmosphere here is very tense (hostile).
  47. 몸이 찌뿌둥하다
    I feel heavy.
  48. 오해 하지 마세요.Don't get me wrong.
  49. 몸이 날아갈 것 같애. /가뿐해.I feel light as a feather. I feel good.
  50. 기가막혀 말이 안나오네.It's so upset I'm speechless.
  51. 니 맘대로 하세요.Suit yourself.
  52. 괜히 나만 실없는사람 되었잖아.It just made me look irresponsible.
  53. 허리가 삐걱했어.I hurt my back.
  54. 허리를 다쳤어요.I threw out my back.
  55. 아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어.I've still got it.
  56. 넌 이제 죽었어.You're dead meat!
  57. 너 들으라고 한 소리 아냐.Don't take it personally.
  58. 까꿍!Peekaboo!
  59. 알랑거리지마.Don't try to butter me up.
  60. 배째
    Sue me!
  61. 그게 어딘데?That's better than nothing
  62. 머리뚜껑이 열렸다.My head is about to split.
  63. 그녀는 이중 성격을 가졌어.She has a multiple personality (split personality)
  64. 어디론가 멀리 훌쩍 떠나고 싶다.I just want to go somewhere far away.
  65. (나에게) 너무 심한 것 아니예요?Don't you think you're being too harsh (on me)?
  66. 그렇게까지 할 필요는 없어.You don't have to do all that
  67. 나도 맘이 편하지는 않아.I don't feel good about it, either.
  68. 그다지 썩 내키지는 않는데.
    I don't really feel like doing it
  69. 생각보다 '별로'인데.
    It's not as good as I expected.
  70. 몸살에 걸려 온몸이 쑤신다.My whole body aches.
  71. 그 사람 똥배가 나왔어.
    He has a big belly.
  72. 넌 내 밥이야.
    You're mine now! I've got you just where I want you.
  73. 저 사람은 인간이 왜 저래?What's his problem? What's wrong with him?
  74. 바늘로 꼭꼭 찌르는 것 같다.It feels like a needle poking me
  75. 걔 원래 그런 애야.He's usually like that.
  76. 너 삐졌니?Are you mad at me? Are you pissed off?
  77. 이 싸가지 없는 녀석아 (싸가지 means 싹수.)You're a hopeless case.
  78. 그는 밥만 축낸다.Food is wasted on him.
  79. 그는 성격이 털털하고 시원시원하다.
    He has an easy-going and cool attitude.
  80. 있는 척 좀 하지 마.Stop acting (Don't act) like you are rich.
  81. 사람보면 아는척 좀 해봐라.Why are you acting like you don't know me?
  82. 쟨 정말 짜다! 어떻게 밥 한번 안사니?
    He's so cheap. How can he not buy lunch even once?
  83. 너 공주병이구나.You think you're special, don't you?
  84. 저 애는 내가 찍었어.That boy (girl) is mine. He (She) is on my list.
  85. 쟤는 날라리야.He's a player (with the girls).
  86. 그는 앞뒤가 꽉 막혔어.
    He is so stubborn.
  87. 내 입장이 정말 난처해.My position is very uncomfortable.
  88. 그 사람은 건방지게 굴어.He acts like he's something special.
  89. 쟤 손 좀 봐 줘야겠다.
    He needs a lesson.
  90. 잘난체 하는 걸 아니꼬와서 못 보겠군!
    I can't stand watching him acting like he is something special.
  91. 그녀는 마음을 잘 주지 않고 튕겨.She's playing hard to get.
  92. 그는 뒤로 호박씨 깐다.He does things behind people's backs
  93. 야~~. 신난다.Yeah! This is fun!
  94. 놔둬! 그냥 그러다가 말겠지 뭐.Leave him alone. He'll stop it eventually.
  95. 이 숙제 정말 짜증난다.This homework is very tedious.
  96. 그 사진 너무 야하다.That picture is too sexy.
  97. 너무 오바 하지마. (오바 is Konglish for "'over' exaggerate.")
    Stop exaggerating. Don't over do it.
  98. 쟤랑 걔랑 그렇고 그런 사이래.They are said to have a relationship.
  99. 걘 늘 요리조리 빠져나간단 말이야.He always gets away with stuff.
  100. 그냥 그렇다고 해, 뭘 자꾸 따져?Just say it. Don't argue.
  101. 넌 왜 맨 날 그 모양이니?Why are you always like that?
  102. 뭐 이런 놈이 다 있어~!What kind of person is this! / I can't believe this guy!
  103. 저 사람 변태 아니야?
    Is he a pervert or something?
  104. 보자보자 하니 해도 너무 한다.I've tried to be patient, but this is going too far.
  105. 애들은 싸우면서 크는 거야.Fighting is a part of growing up.
  106. 어휴~ 난 이제 죽었다.Man.. I'm dead now.
  107. 걔 생각하면 지금도 가슴이 아프다.When I think about him, it still hurts.
  108. 옷이 촌스럽다.
    Those clothes are out of style.
  109. 기본부터 돼 먹지 않았다.It was wrong from the beginning.
  110. 지나가던 개도 웃겠다.A passing dog would even laugh.
  111. 나 나이 헛 먹은 거 아냐!Do you think I was born yesterday?
  112. 누구 맘대로?With whose permission?
  113. 니가 잘나면 얼마나 잘났니?If you've special, how special could you be?
  114. 아! 사는 게 왜 이럴까.Why is my life like this?
  115. 그 여자는 너무 코가 높아 (콧대가 세다/도도하다).She's too snobby.
  116. 내 일은 내가 알아서 다 할거야.
    I'll take care of my own business.
  117. 뭐 찔리는 거라도 있는 거야?
    Do you feel guilty about something?
  118. 니 입만 입이냐?You're not going to share your food?
  119. 내 방은 지저분해서 발 디딜 틈이 없어.My room is so messy, there is no place to step.
  120. 좋은 게 좋은 거지.If it's nice, it's nice.
  121. 넌 꼭 그런 말만 골라 하는군.Why do you always say things like that?
  122. 찍어둔 사람 있습니까?Do you have someone in mind?
  123. 너 시치미 떼지마.Don't you try to lie. (you 에 강세)
  124. 그거 수상한 냄새가 나는데.There's something fishy about it.
  125. 느낌이 오는데. / 감이 잡히는데.I got a hunch.
  126. 그는 자신감으로 똘똘 뭉쳤다.He is full of self-confidence
  127. 좋은 사람 있으면 소개 시켜 줘.If you know someone good, hook me up.
  128. 팀웍이 중요하다. 혼자 너무 튀지 마라.Teamwork is important, so don't try to stick out.
  129. 난 쓸데없는 오해받기 싫어.I don't want to risk being misunderstood.
  130. 네가 보고 싶으면 어떻게 참지?What do I do if I start missing you?
  131. 우정이 갈수록 부실해진다.Friendship fades with time.
  132. 모든 게 귀찮아.Everything is a hassle.
  133. 누가 니 성격을 받아주겠니.Who would put up with your attitude?
  134. 감쪽같이 (사귀는 관계를) 속이다니.How could you hide your relationship from everyone!
  135. 결코 고의가 아니었다.
    I didn't mean to do that. / It's not what I mean.
  136. 넌 배신자다.You are a traitor!
  137. 다 티 난다.Everything shows./ It's too obvious. / You can't hide it.
  138. 과연 얼마나 버틸 수 있을까?How long could it last?
  139. 좀 봐 주면서해라. (불쌍하다)Be a little gentle with him.
  140. 너하곤 게임이 안 된다. (상대가 안 된다)You are no match for me.
  141. 그래서?내가 어떻게 하길 바라니?So? What do you want me to do?
  142. 이젠 돌이킬 수가 없다. (소용없다)There is no turning back now.
  143. 농담도 (장난도) 사람 봐가면서 해라.
    Don't take a joke too far.
  144. 네게 섭섭하다.I"m disappointed with you.
  145. 사랑이 식었구나
    The love is gone.
  146. 우리 사이가 애매하다..
    Our relationship is confusing.
  147. 이 엄살쟁이.
    You big baby.
  148. 너의 잘못을 남에게 떠넘기지 마.Don"t try to put your mistakes on others.
  149. 까불고 있어. 다음부터는 까불지마.Don't try joking anymore.
  150. 야! 너 인물이 훤해졌구나.Hey, your face looks a lot better.
  151. 도대체가 끝이 안 보이네, 끝이....I don't see the end of this.
  152. 귀가 멍멍하다. (비행기를 탔을때)My ears are muffled.
  153. 얌전한 남자아이.Calm and reserve boy. Sissy boy.
  154. 화장 잘 받았다!Your makeup looks good!
  155. 너, 화장 떳어!Your makeup doesn't look good!
  156. 내 말 안 듣더니, 그래 꼴 좋다.You didn't listen to me, so now look at you!
  157. 그렇게 함부로 말하면 안 돼.You shouldn't talk like that
  158. 전 간지럼을 잘 타요.I am ticklish.
  159. 마음이 붕 떠 있어서 일이 손에 안 잡혀.I'm so excited, I can't work.
  160. 행복한 고민 하시네요.You have pleasant worries.
  161. 잔머리 돌리지 마.Don't try to take the easy way out.
  162. 친구 지간에 그런 게 어딨니?How could you do that to a friend?
  163. 어휴! 넌 아무도 못 말린다니까~~~!
    You're hopeless. What am I going to do with you.
  164. 입에 침이나 바르고 거짓말해라.If you are going to lie, at least do a better job of it.
  165. 그 사람 참 분위기 있더라.He has a lot of charisma. / She has class.
  166. 그 놈은 화를 자초했군.He asked for it!
  167. 외유내강.A steel hand in a velvet glove.
  168. 무게 잡지마. (최민수 같이)Don't try to act tough.
  169. 내 모든 걸 걸었어.I put everything into it.
  170. 골라먹는 재미가 있다.It's fun picking out my favorite.
  171. 너에겐 내가 있잖아.But you've got me.
  172. 원샷!Bottoms up!
  173. 강심장이군.His heart is made of stone.
  174. 오늘은 내가 쏜다.Today, it's on me! I'll pay.
  175. 왜 너 찔리니?Why? You feel guilty?
  176. 여기서 지척에 살아.I live a stone's throw away from here.
  177. 그녀에게 뿅갔어.I got a crush on her!
  178. 왜 나한테 화풀이야?Why are you taking it out on me?
  179. 말이 청산유수로군.He's a good talker.
  180. 내숭 떨지마.Don't play innocent!
  181. 흔들리면 안돼.Don"t waffle.
  182. 남자는 여자하기 나름이야.The woman makes the man.
  183. 쪽 팔리는 줄 좀 알아라.Shame on you!
  184. 그래도 그만하길 다행이다.It could've been worse.
  185. 그는 골칫 덩어리야.He's a pain in the neck.
  186. 모든 일엔 다 때가 있다.There is a time for everything.
  187. 그걸 꼭 말로 해야되니?Do I really have to say it?
  188. 좀 책임감을 가져라.Try to be more responsible.
  189. 너 많이 컸다!You've come a long way!
  190. 기분 짱인데.I feel like a million dollars.
  191. 난 타고난 체질이야.I was born for this.
  192. 아까워라!What a waste!
  193. 음매 기죽어!That hurts! What a blow to the ego!
  194. 맞장구 좀 쳐 주라.Back me up here.
  195. 괴롭히지 좀 마세요!Hey, get out of my hair!
  196. 잠깐만 시간 좀 내주실 수 있으세요?Have you got a minute to spare?
  197. 너 제정신이니?Are you out of your mind?
  198. 너 뭔가 믿는 구석이 있구나.You've got "an ace in the hole" (a card up your sleeve), right?
  199. 이거 장난이 아닌데!Man, this isn't a joke!
  200. 간뎅이가 부었군.What a nerve!
  201. 벌써 김샜어.
    I've already lost interest.
  202. 돈은 문제가 아니에요.
    Money is no object.
  203. 그냥 몸만 와라.Just bring yourself!
  204. 나 거지 됐어!I'm flat broke!
  205. 말도 안 되는 소리야.
    It doesn't make any sense.
  206. 꿈 깨Get real! / Not in your life time!
  207. 얼굴이 많이 부었어요.Your face looks puffy.
  208. 아직도 다 하려면 멀었어.I have still got a long way to go.
  209. 내 곁에 있어줘.
    Keep me company.(Stay with me.)
  210. 점심때 뭐 먹었니?What did you have for lunch?
  211. 안타깝게도...
  212. 밑져봐야 본전이다.It doesn't hurt to try. You've got nothing to lose!
  213. 내 맘대로 하도록 내버려 둬!Let me do it my way! Let me live my own life.
  214. 벼룩의 간을 내먹어라.
    You're trying to get blood from a stone.
  215. 거의 다 왔어.We are almost there.
  216. 날 물로 보지마.Who do you think you're talking to?
  217. 지킬 건 지켜야지.Let's be responsible!
  218. 쟤네들 닭살이야!
    Those guys are too lovey-dovely!
  219. 닭살 났어.I've got goose bumps.
  220. 닭살 커풀a lovey-dovey couple.
  221. 너무 심하군/엽기적이야
    That's gross! That's cultic!
  222. 우리 그냥 친구로 지내자.Let's just be friends.
  223. 그건 내가 할 소리야.Those are my words. That's what I was going to say.
  224. 너는 사진보다 실물이 더 예뻐.You look much better in person.
  225. 내 방문이 안에서 잠겼어.I'm locked out of my room.
  226. 하루 쉬겠습니다.I'm taking the day off.
  227. 내 맘대로 되는 게 또 있네.Another thing that's going my way.
  228. 집에 바래다줄게.I'll see you home.
  229. 내가 그걸 어찌 아니?How am I supposed to know?
  230. (야구장에서) 파도타기 하자
    Let's do the wave thing. (씽기: 아이들이 많이 씀)
  231. 좋은 기억만 간직할게.I'll always remember the good times.
  232. 물 흐리고 있네!You're ruining our image. (Stop dirtying our image.)
  233. 사랑은 움직이는 거야.Love is always on the move.
  234. 입장 바꿔 생각해봐.Put yourself in my shoes.
  235. 난 그렇게 씀씀이가 헤픈 여자가 아냐I don't waste money like that.
  236. 흥분하지마.Chill out! Just relax!
  237. 너 하나도 겁 안나!You don't scare me!
  238. 오리발 내밀지마.Don't try to get out of it. (빠져나갈 생각 마)
  239. 난 맥주병이에요.I swim like a rock.
  240. 나 그런 쪽으로 빠삭해 (잘 알아).I've been down that road before.
  241. 내가 모르는 뭔가 새로운 것 좀 알려주세요.Tell me something I don't know.
  242. 대체 그런 얘기를 어디서 들었니?
    Where did you hear such a thing?
  243. 그건 아무 것도 아냐 더 심한 것도 있는데.That‘s nothing. I know worse than that.
  244. 깜박 하고 잊었어요.It slipped my mind.
  245. 나를 바람 맞혔어요.She stood me up.
  246. 딱지맞았어.She turned me down.
  247. 너 맛이 갔구나.
    You look trashed! (너 꼭 쓰레기 같구나)
  248. 지금 가는 중이야. 곧 도착해.I'm on my way. I'll be there soon.
  249. 그냥 지나갑시다.Let's skip that topic. (콩글리쉬: 패스 패스)
  250. 따져보길 잘했어.
    I was right to be picky. (꼼꼼히 실리를 따지다)
  251. 너한테 딱 안성맞춤이네.
    It's perfect for you! / It's a perfect fit. (안성맞춤)
  252. 나 지금 저기압이야.
    I'm in a bad mood now!
  253. 마음이 탁 놓인다!It is such a weight off my shoulders!
  254. 입맛 맞추기 힘드네.
    It's hard to satisfy your taste buds.
  255. 음식을 가리는군.
    You're a picky eater.
  256. 지킬 수 있는 약속만 해라!
    Only make promises you can keep!
  257. 네 맨 얼굴을 보고싶어!I wanna see the real you! (정관사 the 필수)
  258. 그러면 그렇지I expected as much. / It never fails!
  259. 정말 재밌었어I had such enormous fun.
  260. 나는 노는 물이 달라!I'm into different things! We're not in the same league.
  261. 넌 그 바탕으로 사니?
    How can you walk around with a face like that?
  262. 감이 잡았어.I've got the picture.
  263. 넌 양이 그렇게 중요하니?Is quantity all that you think about?
  264. 라면이 불었습니다.The noodles are overcooked.
  265. 에이, 좋다 말았네!Oh, I almost had it!
  266. 야, 밥이나 먹겠냐?You can't be a bread winner if you act like that!
  267. 넌 물먹은 거야.You're stuck in second gear. You've been set back.
  268. 네 마음의 창이 되어줄께.I'll be the window to your heart.
  269. 넌 국물도 없어.Sorry, not today.
  270. 딴 여자들한테 한 눈 팔지마.Keep your eyes off other women!
  271. 민박 있어요?Do you have any cabins?
  272. 넌 양이 그렇게 중요하니?Is quantity all you think about?
  273. 사기가 하늘을 찌르는구나.
    You're so fired up!
  274. 너 통 크다.You're a big spender.
  275. 너 통 정말 작구나
    You're so cheap!
  276. 세상을 다 가져라.
    The world is at your door's step.
  277. 엎어지면 코 닿을 데야.It's just around the corner.
  278. 어머, 부끄러워.
    Oh, I'm so embarrassed.
  279. 아이고, 진짜 웃긴다.That's so stupid / ridiculous
  280. 아름다웠던 시절로 돌아가고 싶어.
    I want to go back to the good old days.
  281. 내 모든 걸 걸었어.I put everything into it.
  282. 나 여기 7 년 동안 단골이야.I've been a regular here for 7 years.
  283. 와우, 몸매 죽이는데!Wow! She's got some curves.
  284. 자알 빠졌다.
    Wow! She's got some curves.
  285. 반말하지마.
    Don't use that impolite tone with me.
  286. 미운 정 고운 정 다 들었다.I've got mixed feelings for her.
  287. 그의 인기는 시들지 않아.His popularity never goes down!
  288. 당당하게 살아라.
    Stand tall!
  289. 저 여자 끝내주는데!She's really something!
  290. 따라 올테면 따라와 봐라.
    Catch me if you can. (공원에서 슬로우 모션으로)
  291. 날씬한 게 좋죠!The thinner the better!
  292. 폼 잡지마!Get real!! Get a job! Get a life! (싸울 때 쓰는 말)
  293. 너 참 귀가 엷구나!
    You're so gullible!
  294. 너 좀 너무 심한 거 아냐?Don't you think you're over-reacting a little?
  295. 왜 사서 고생하니?
    Why go through all the troubles?
  296. 속이 울렁거린다.
    I'm feeling a little queasy.
  297. 너 돈독이 올랐구나!
    You are too money hungry.
  298. 잘 자. 내 꿈꿔.Sleep tight. Dream of me.
  299. 너무 지나치게 멋 부리지마!
    Don't overdress.
  300. 세상에 공짜가 어딨어?
    There's no such thing as a free lunch!
  301. 한 번만 봐주세요.Give me a break!. (Look at me once: 콩글리쉬)
  302. 등 떠밀려 할 수 없이 그렇게 됐어.
    I was dragged into doing it.
  303. 잠깐 숨 좀 돌리자!Let's take a breath! (우리말과 발상이 똑 같음)
  304. 뒷일은 내가 책임질게!Just do it, I'll smooth everything over.
  305. 너 얼굴 반쪽이 됐어.You look like you're about to drop.
  306. 너, 철 좀 들어라!Why don't you act your age?
  307. 너랑 안 어울려.That doesn't go well with you.
  308. 게임은 계속되어야 한다.The game must go on.
  309. 말꼬리 잡지마.Stop twisting my words around.
  310. 지퍼 열렸어요.Your fly is open.
  311. 남대문 열렸어요.Your fly is open.
  312. 넘겨 집지마.Don't jump to the conclusion.
  313. 뭘 그리 꼬치꼬치 따지니?You're so nitpicky.
  314. 왜 꼬치꼬치 캐물어?Why are you being so inquisitive?
  315. 너 얼굴 참 두껍다.You're so brash.
  316. 우린 천생연분이야.We're made for each other.
  317. 너 눈 너무 높아.You're way too picky.
  318. 왜 나한테 그래?
    Why are you accusing me?
  319. 헌팅하러 가자.Let's pick up some chicks (guys: 남자를 헌팅할 때).
  320. 비행기 태우지 마Stop trying to flatter me!
  321. 오리발 내밀지마.Don't try to get out of it.
  322. 나를 꼭 좀 도와줘야 해요.You've gotta help me out.
  323. 그냥 놓칠 수 없어요.I'll never let it go.
  324. 뭐라고 감사를 드려야 할지 모르겠습니다.
    I can't thank you enough.
  325. 그는 항상 한 발 늦어요.
    He is always running behind.
  326. 그 놈은 버릇없는 놈이야.He's really rude.
  327. 이거 정말 끝내준다.This is totally awesome. (쥑여주는군)
  328. 황당하군.It leaves me speechless. (기가 막히는군)
  329. 애기처럼 징징거리지 마.Stop whining like a baby. (짜증내다 to whin)
  330. 우리 정리 좀 합시다.
    Let's all get on the same page.
  331. 난 이 일에 재주가 있어.I got knack for this.
  332. 두고 보자.You'll get yours. You'll be sorry for this.
  333. 너도 만만치 않아.
    You're just as bad as me.
  334. 거봐, 내가 뭐라고 그랬어.
    See, what did I tell you?
  335. 농땡이 치지마!
    Don't goof off!
  336. 너 개기니?Are you goofing off?
  337. 똑바로 얘기해 주세요.Give it to me straight. (더함과 덜함 없이)
  338. 내게 그런 핑계 대지마.Don't give me any excuses.
  339. 마음에 여유가 있을 때 하겠어요.
    I'll do it when I'm ready.
  340. 걱정 마. 내가 있잖아.I've got your back. / I'll be behind you.
  341. 집들이 할거예요.I'm going to have a house warming party.
  342. 머리를 좀 써봐.Use your head.
  343. 정말 놀랐어요.You nearly gave me a heart attack. (과장법)
  344. 좀 비켜 주세요!Please make way! (짐이요, 생선이요!)
  345. 왜 사니?What's on your mind?
  346. 정신을 어디다 두고 사니?What's on your mind?
  347. 음악 좀 크게 들읍시다!Crank up the tunes!
  348. 엄살 좀 피우지 마.Stop exaggerating. It didn't hurt that much.
  349. 넌 대책이 없어.
    You are helpless. (콩글리쉬: You have no big book)
  350. 니가 먼저 시작했잖아!
    You started it!
  351. 니 팔뚝 니 흔들고, 내 팔뚝 내 흔들자.
    You go your way, I'll go mine.
  352. 너 때문에 피곤해 죽겠어.I'm drained because of you.
  353. 이번에는 정말 잘 됐으면 좋겠어.I really want it to happen this time.
  354. 당신의 18번이 뭡니까?Which song can you sing the best?
  355. 난 누구한테든 갈 수 있어!I could be with anyone!
  356. 날 소유하려 하지마.Don't try to own me.
  357. 면목 없습니다.Sorry, I have no excuse.
  358. 너 이빨사이에 뭔가가 끼었어.You've got something between your teeth.
  359. 너무 기뻐 죽겠어요.I'm so happy, I could die.
  360. 가위 눌렸다.I had one of those nightmares where you can't move.
  361. 난 정신없이 바빴어.I've been busy as a bee!
  362. 눈 코 뜰 새 없이 바빴어.I've been busy as a bee!
  363. 나 회사에서 짤렸다.I got canned.
  364. 물 먹었다.I was fired.
  365. 눈썰미가 있구나.You pick things up quickly.
  366. 당신과 연락하려면 어떡해하죠?How can I get a hold of you?
  367. 글쎄? 도통 모르겠어I haven't the slightest idea. (“왜 전화 했어?“란 질문에)
  368. 그냥....Just because....... (그냥 전화 했어. 그냥 왔어)
  369. 이름 값 좀 해라.Live up to your name.
  370. 가위, 바위, 보.Paper, rock, scissors.
  371. 어리광 부리지 마.Don't play the baby.
  372. 기말 시험을 망쳤어.I bombed my final exam.
  373. 그녀는 정말 여우야.She is as sly as a fox.
  374. 김밥 옆구리 터지는 소리 하고있네!That's just ridiculous!
  375. 가끔은 별 일이 없을 때가 좋습니다.
    Sometimes no news is good news.
  376. 사각거리는 시원한 사과 먹었으면 좋겠다.
    I'd love to eat a refreshing crunchy apple.
  377. 너 그거 진짜 할거야?Are you really going to do it?
  378. 그거 할거야, 말거야?Are you gonna do it or not?
  379. 관계를 더욱 돈독히 해야합니다.We've got to cement our relationship.
  380. 벌써 다 끝내다니!You can't be done already!
  381. 왕입니다요
    You're the man.
  382. 건방지게 행동하지마.
    Don't be so arrogant.
  383. 국물이 끝내줘요.Good to the last drop. (맥스웰 커피 광고 카피)
  384. 상사병에 걸렸어요.The love bug has bitten me.
  385. 속이 거북하다.My gut is killing me. / My stomach is funny.(약한 통증)
  386. 그는 진짜 부자다.He is rich with a capital R.
  387. 자판기가 돈을 먹어버렸어요.The vending machine ate my money.
  388. 백지장도 맞들면 낫다.Two heads are better than one.
  389. 내게 행운을 빌어 줘.Wish me luck.
  390. 왜 안가고 서성대고 있어?Why are you lingering around?
  391. 버스 떠난 뒤에 손 흔들어 봤자야.That ship has already sailed.
  392. 다리 떨지마. 복 나가.It's unlucky to shake your foot.
  393. 그저 이런 저런 잡담이나 하고 싶어.
    I just wanna shoot the breeze.
  394. 어떻게 될지 누가 알겠니?No one can say how it'll turn out.
  395. 일찍 와도 안 잡아먹어.It wouldn't hurt to come early.
  396. 숨이 차 죽겠어.
    I'm out of breath.
  397. 그 사람 가까이 가지마.Stay clear of that guy. / Stay away from him.
  398. 제발 나를 괴롭히지 마.Hey, just lay off me.
  399. 내 컴퓨터가 다운되었어.My system crashed.
  400. 너 지금 까불고 있는 거니?Are you being a wise guy?
  401. 너 완전히 오해했구나!You really missed the point!
  402. 마음 한 구석이 좀 불편하다.It doesn't settle well with me.
  403. 이제 속이 시원하다.It doesn't get on my nerves anymore. I feel much better!
  404. 그 사람은 너무 튀어.That guy is a real odd ball.
  405. 나름대로는 열심히 했어.I think I did my best./ I did the best I could.
  406. 한 입으로 두 말 하지 마세요.Don't go back on your word.
  407. 사람을 외모만 보고 판단하지 마라.Don't judge a book by its cover.
  408. 늦었다고 생각할 때가 가장 빠를 때다.Better late than never.
  409. 난 추위를 잘 타요.The cold really gets to me.
  410. 이 책은 내용이 정말 알차다.
    This book's got it all.
  411. 야, 네가 못하는 게 뭐니?You can do anything you set your mind to.
  412. 우왕! 진짜 짜증나.Man, I'm so ticked. (tick은 모기처럼 무는 벌레)
  413. 네가 보고싶어 죽겠어.I'm dying to see you!
  414. 일을 하려면 제대로 해!If you're going to do, do it right!
  415. 야, 대체 비결이(요령이) 뭐야?Hey, what's the secret?
  416. 넌 빠져.Don't get nosy (코를 들이밀지 마 = 간섭 마)
  417. 가문에 먹칠하다.Give someone's family a bad name.
  418. 혈통 문제로군.It runs in the family.
  419. 나이 값을 좀 해라.Act your age!
  420. 엎어지면 코 닿을 데야.It's just around the corner.
  421. 어머, 부끄러워.I'm so embarrassed.
  422. 세상에 공짜가 어딨어?There's no such thing as a free lunch!
  423. 잠깐 숨 좀 돌리자!
    Let's take a breather.
  424. 뭐라고 감사를 드려야 할지 모르겠습니다.I can't thank you enough.


  1. Thanks those are great. Two of my favourites still are "짜증나!" and "진짜!".

  2. 골라먹는 재미가 있어요! 이 포스트가 아주 좋다...

  3. You are welcome, Pilgrim. Your two favorites are also the favorites of many Koreans.


    I saw the expression 골라먹는 재미가 있어요, but I do not really understand it. I wish I knew its background.

    I have a feeling it might come from some TV commercial, or maybe a movie, but I'm not sure. Maybe I will ask one of my students this coming week. Take care.

  4. The only slang I know is 았사. (Or something like that) I wonder if it hasn't gone out of fashion?

    1. Actually its '아싸!' Which is an expression when u want to say 'Awesome' or 'Cool'

  5. Bevers,
    Thanks - your site is a real asset.

  6. '골라 먹는 재미가 있다' is actually from a commercial as you guessed.
    It's from Baskin Robbins 31. Do you know? It's an ice cream company and it has many different flavors, now more than 31 flavors are available. So when you go to that place, you can pick your favorite out of 31(or more) flavors.

  7. - -;; it's not slang...
    if it is slang..
    who am i..??
    I'm korean..
    it's gone fashion
    not slang..
    just.. usual words

  8. I've been self-learning korean for almost 2 years now, and I'm still in th edark... hehehe... I stumbled unto your blog and found it quite interesting. You have quite a hughe amount of links for korean resources, I do hope I could finally get through this learning thinng. but to what I've read in some of the words you've put here, I see a different translation to my earlier learnings, but I could have been mistaken. hehe... well, 열심해 to all of us!!

  9. @#72
    I can't speak for the Korean, but the English has a typo -- should be "you're".

    @#74, 102, 126, 250
    When would these expressions be used? It's not clear to me from the English (that could mean several things).

    Should that be "What do I do..."?

    I think that should be "Let me do it my way!"

    It seems like you bolded all the Korean, but not this one.

    Anyway, I think this list is great. I can see it will be a great help to me as I continue learning Korean. Thank you for making it available!

  10. Thank you, Annonymous. I corrected the mistakes you pointed out.

  11. 네, 포스트가 진짜 좋군요! 저두 "짜증나"라는 phrase를 좋아합니다. 전 한국에서 살았을 때 이런 말이 상당히 많이 들릴 수 있더군요! 이 포스트를 열심히 공부할게요! 고맙습니다!

  12. 정말 좋은 블로그네요
    자주 놀러올깨요~^^
    골라먹는 재미라... 그거 제가 아직 한국에 있었을적 막 유행하던 말이군요....
    베스킨 라벤스 덕분이지요 ^^
    그후로는 뭐든지 이것저것 어떤 과자나, 사탕 등등 먹을것의 "맛"이 많으면
    골라먹는 재미가 있다고 하게 됬지요...
    광고가 대단한 효과를 발휘하죠...

  13. what is "cool" in korean..

    I heard it in a movie..and it sounds like..'Ojiso'...

    what could it be?

  14. errr/ I think that was "Uh-did-sir?" 어딨어? which means "Where is it?" or "Where are you now?"

  15. eeer,

    I think the word you may be thinking about is 옳지, which is pronounced as /올치/. The word means "Good" or "All right," and is often used to encourage someone, especially children. For example, if your 1-year-old baby boy stands up and attempts to walk, you can say "옳지" (Good boy!)

  16. Errr,

    Here is a link to a video of a Korean mother using "옳지" to encourage her little girl.

    Video Link

  17. "errrrrrrrr..=) said..."

    I think, 'Ojiso' could be 멋있어(mojiso) which means cool...

  18. 멋있어 definitely. It's used for "cool" and "handsome", as well as many other meanings.

  19. I hope people don't use these thinking they are going to sound Korean, or that they are using slang. I am Korean and these are not any slang anyone I know uses.

  20. Lena,

    Are you saying that neither you nor any of your Korean friends use "any" of the expressions in this post? You are not saying that the expressions do not exist, are you?

    I do not know where you live or how old you are, but I live in Korea and have heard all the expressions listed in this post. Maybe, you and your friends are older and do not use them because of some kind of generation gap?

    Anyway, these expressions exist and are used in Korea.

  21. I'm Korean and most of them are not slang.
    Most of them mean just as the words mean.

    낚였다 kind of words can be slang because it's direct translation is "be fished".

    It seems that you understand Korean, so if the expression means as itself, it's better to remove it from list to avoid confusion. :)

  22. Is #423 (=Let's take a breather) correct? I haven't come across that expression. I'd say Let's take a break?

  23. Reading this list was fun. Korean is my first language and English is my second, so looking at the language I'am so used to from a different perspective was intersting.

    I think I can answer some of the questions here. Tae Kim, the expression you're referring to is spelled 앗싸. It's a still commonly used term, albeit sounding a little bit childish.

    errrr, I believe the term is most likely 멋있어. Gerry Beavers' 옳지 was a good guess, but 멋있어 is more close to the meaning of 'cool'. I hope my comment was of some help.

    Don't mind some people saying that these words are not slang or no longer used. Some of them are slang, some are idioms, and some are neither, but this is a useful list nonetheless in the respect that these words are commonly used but hard to understand for learners of Korean language.

  24. Pighair,

    You are right. Not all the Korean expressions are slang, which was why I referred to the list as "slang and other expressions" in the explanation. I just used "slang" in the title to keep the title short.

    Dr. Lim, who made most of the list, would know better, but I think the list is trying to give as close equivalents as possible in both Korean and English of commonly used expressions that could possibly be confusing to speakers of one or the other language. Therefore, the meaning of an English slang expression may be better expressed as a non-slang expression in Korean and vice versa; however, when possible the list seems to be trying to give equivalent slang and idiomatic expressions in both languages, which would express not only the same meaning but also the same feeling. For example, saying a joke is "lame" gives a different feeling than saying it is "not funny," similar to how "썰렁하다" gives a different feeling than "재미 없다."

    Referring to a person's joke as being "lame" sounds more playful than referring to it as not being funny, just as 썰렁하다 sounds more playful in Korean. I think the reason people like the above list so much is that it not only translates the meanings of the expressions, but also their feelings.

  25. 한국인으로서 영어표현으로 정리된 한국어를 보니 너무 재미있네요^^

  26. 364 물 먹었다=I was fired

    Is that correct? I doubt anyone would be able to guess you've just lost your job when you say that. It's more like "I failed (the test, exam, etc)".

  27. Thanks for this list. It's great! :) I was just wondering if it would be possible to perhaps include a sentence(s) where the slang might be used. It might help show the context a little better.

  28. That's an excellent list of everyday colloquialisms, but most of them aren't really what you'd call slang. Slang is more like the 은어 that students use, which changes rather quickly. Just about all the expressions you gave are worth learning for the very reason that they *aren't* slang that's going to disappear and be replaced by something new so quickly.

  29. some of my interpretation ^^
    6. 분위기 망치게 하지마 = "party pooper"
    "조지게" very harsh expression, not recommended
    52. 괜히 나만 실없는사람 되었잖아 = you made me not trustworthy
    71. 그 사람 똥배가 나왔어 = he has "beer belly"
    78. 그는 밥만 축낸다 = he's of no usage
    141. 그래서?내가 어떻게 하길 바라니?
    usually said 어떻게 해줄까
    211. 안타깝게도 = Unfortunately
    212. 밑져봐야 본전이다 = "here goes nothing"
    258. 그러면 그렇지 = just as expected
    262. 감이 잡았어 = usually said 감 잡았어
    269. 넌 국물도 없어 = you won't get any

  30. some here is slang.... but well I don't thinl that everything, those are just shortened words.... slang would be things they write differently, or make them totally different like in chats for example: ㄷㅊ for "닥쳐" (shut up) or ㅂㅇ as for "바이" which is like "Bye" those are slang I guess XD I'm not sure tho,,,

    BUT! this list is amazing I printed it out, and use it with my friends!

  31. Some of those aren't really "slang" per say. For example 짜증나 is not slang at all, you can find it in the dictionary.

    당근이지 is more like "of course." A play on "당연하다." There's also a carrot icon in nateon messenger one can use to express "당근이지." (당근 = carrot for those who don't know)

    PS - I asked awhile back on which grammar book you were using but never got a reply from you Gerry.

  32. Hi. I think I saw this was written by a Korean learner so I thought I'd give you a hand. I didn't look up all of it, but there's something I think that might need some revising.

    351. 니 팔뚝 니 흔들고, 내 팔뚝 내 흔들자.
    You go your way, I'll go mine.

    This, '니 팔뚝 니 흔들고, 내 팔뚝 내 흔들자' expression, I've never actually seen or heard for 18 years of my entire life in Korea. This is not widely used at all. If you want to say ' you go your way and I'll go mine', then maybe you should just say '난 내 방식대로 할거야.', which is not a slang but a common expression. And there's also a expression '마이웨이 형(my way type)' which you can use when you describe a person. If you say '쟤는 마이웨이 형이야.' you mean that he or she is a kind of person who doesn't care what other people say and do their things in their own way.

    400. 너 지금 까불고 있는 거니?
    Are you being a wise guy?
    I don't really get what exactly 'a wise guy' means, but since the dictionary says 'a person who try to look clever and have answers for everything', I think there's quite some disparity between the two. If I'm wrong, just please let me know the other use of 'wise guy.'

    The verb '까불다' is more like 'act up' or 'behave badly'. If someone says 너 지금 까불고 있는 거니? then that person is upset because someone is behaving badly when they shoudln't. The question literally means 'Are you acting up?'

    Anyway it is quite interesting and fascinating to see people try to learn the language I speak, when I usually see people like me, Koreans, learn other languages, mostly English, sometimes Chinese or Japanese. Good luck to you with these useful, interesting everyday expression!! Bye:D

  33. Could you please please put the romanization in there please? im kind of a newby!

  34. Newby,

    Do not waste your time with Romanization. You can learn the Korean alphabet (hangeul) in two to three days.

  35. Well I don't know what 너 지금 까불고 있는 거니 means but from what Hong says, does it mean something along the lines of smart aleck?

    Well thanks for the list & the website is quite something too. I'm trying to learn Korean now, there's quite a lot of resources here!

    To Newby (and anyone else who reads this, this is a good website to learn most of hangul:

  36. @milky 까불다 means to mess/screw around in a misbehaving way. I remember when I first heard it, I was at a guy's house and his kids were getting really noisy and running around he shouted "애이들아 까불지 마!" So you sentence means "Are you messing with me?" or something along that line. Or Are you kidding me??

  37. 저 이거 퍼가도 되나요? 제 블로그에 적고 싶은데요. 미리서 감사드립니다!

  38. 멋지고! 어디에서 왔어요? ^^
    Keep up the good work! 반가워요!

  39. 멋지고! 어디에서 왔어요? ^^
    keep up the good work! 만가워요.. ^^

  40. Thanks a lot for this list!

    I wrote a post here about how to turn a list like this into two columns in Excel, for importing into Anki or whatever.

  41. #306 and #424 are the same! Feel free to change it and delete this comment.

  42. Thx! This page is very useful for me. Express my feeling in Eng is quite difficult for me. because of different way to think. And you gave me some beautiful examples :)

  43. Thx! This page is very useful for me. Express my feeling in Eng is quite difficult for me. because of different way to think. And you gave me some beautiful examples :)

  44. Hi! do you have any word like 'Fandeypuri' (English pronunciation) in Korea? If so, can you tell me the meaning of it?

    1. If you are talking about 'bandisbul-i',it means firefly.
      개똥벌레(gaettongbeolle) also means firefly(:

  45. Hi, there. Help me.with this please.
    들렸다 갑니다. What is this?

    1. 들렸다 갑니다 is a misspelling of 들렀다 갑니다. 들르다 means "to drop in at" or "to stop off at," so 들렀다(가) 가다 means you stop by some place on the way to another place. 가게에 들렀다가 가겠어 means "I'll go after stopping by the store" or "I'll stop by the store on the way."

  46. What does 난 그거면 돼 mean?

    1. 난 means "I," or in this case "as for me," and 그거면 is an abbreviation of 그것이면, which means "if that." And since one of the many meaning of 돼 (되다) is "to be all right," 난 그거면 돼 can translate as, "As for me, if [just] that, it will be all right."

  47. its means: As for me, if [just] that, it will be all right

  48. I'm trying to write a fake journal taking place in Korea in the 1920-30s, does anyone happen to know the origin of the word "까불다" and if they used it that long ago?