Saturday, May 23, 2009


It is a sad time in South Korea because South Korea's former president, Roh Moo-hyun (노무현), has apparently committed suicide by jumping off a cliff behind his house. I also feel sad. Though I did not like him as a president, he was still a likeable man.

When a person dies in Korea, it is common to see the Chinese characters 謹弔 (근조) written on banners, flower arrangments, and envelopes in the mourning areas, as in the second picture below. The characters mean 삼가 조상하다, which means, "I respectfully offer my condolences." 謹 (근) means "삼가" (respectfully), and 弔 (조) means "조상하다" (offer one's condolences).

Since I do not know the family, I offer my condolences to the Koreans who visit this blog for the loss of their former president. Also, though I am not a practicing Christian, I was raised one, so I ask God to take his soul into heaven.



  1. this is so sad things.
    I was so so sad that I couldn't focus on my work.

  2. Hi, Nicky.

    The Chosun Ilbo has done a good tribute to Noh Moo-hyun HERE.

    In fact, I liked the Chosun Ilbo's video tribute to the former president so much that I added it to the post.

  3. Hi, Gerry

    I read video tribute, then I tried to mail to you, but it doesn't.
    Isn't that


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