Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you get the joke behind the words in these pictures?

I get the joke behind some of the words, but not all.

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  1. I understand about three-fourth of them. Well, Korean pop culture was never my strong point anyway. I'm gonna talk about some pictures I find particularly amusing.

    second one - from a recent popular TV show, "꽃보다 남자". The dog resembles the main character of the show, 구준표.
    fourth one - 므흣 means smirking in a creepy way. All the dogs' smile look kinda creepy.
    eighteenth one - 오골계 is a kind of Korean chickens with black feather. 오골계+개=오골개.
    second from the last - OT is an abbreviation for orientational event for new college students. Some students drink themselves into stuper at this event. (It's kind of like Korean version of Fraternity initiaton ceremony.) The dogs look like college students fallen asleep while drinking, hence 개OT.
    last one - The dog's smile resembles that of a Korean pop star, 이효리.

    I think the point of humor in most of these pictures come from the ambiguity of the word '개'. It's like 'freaking' or 'heck' in English, it's a rude word but you can just put it in front of any word and emphasize the meaning. And the joke in these pictures is that they interpreted the words literally and actually show us the pictures of real dogs.


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