Saturday, November 26, 2005

Know of any silly, off-color cartoons?

엽기적인 가족

스님과 목사님

싸가지 삼형제


토끼와 당근

아가씨와 앵무새

김밥과 도너츠

그들은 용감했다

빌게이츠와 외계인

천국과 지옥

저 여기서 내려요


일본인 관광객

이름 때문에


황당한 소설 제목

슬픔, 분노, 쇼킹 1

슬픔, 분노, 쇼킹 2

슬픔, 분노, 쇼킹 3

초보 남편 일기

못말리는 바람둥이

지하철에서 사이코로 낙인 찍히는 방법


바보 삼총사


조폭과 아가씨

고참과 이등병

아기들의 비애

백설공주와 팅커벨

국회의원과 도둑

아둥 아둥

모든 비밀

무서운 이야기

I got them from this site.


  1. A non-Korean unfamiliar with Korea would never guess these cartoons were Korean since few of the characters have black hair. Hair dye isn't that popular.

  2. Your most recent posts introduce a wonderful variety of Korean language materials. The cartoons are great. I haven't watched them all yet. I especially like the nationalistic ones like 김밥과 도너츠, 일본인 관광객, and 이름 때문에.

    Keep up the good work! BTW, can you provide a list of general websites or webpages that don't require a Korean nat'l ID number? How do you get around that barrier?

  3. Sonagi,

    I do not have any information on Web sites that do not require a national ID, and I do not know how to get around the problem. I wish they would stop doing that. I usually just ignore such sites, or link to the parts that are open to unregistered visitors. There is a lot of free stuff out there.

    As for my posting, I like doing it because it helps me remember things. I could keep notes on my computer, but I tend to never look at them again after I save them. I don't have that problem when I post online.

    I regularly go back and look at old posts to refresh my memory because many times I use posts as a kind of bookmark for things I want to study, but have no time for at that moment. Also, I like to post online because I pay more attention to making clear notes since I know people might be reading them.

    I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Take care.


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