Saturday, November 05, 2005

What does 삥뜯다 mean?

삥뜯다 is student slang that means "forcefully take money from someone." I saw the word in this cartoon, which was on this site. The name of the cartoon is "범생," which is an abbreviation for 모범생, which means "model student." A couple of other expressions in the cartoon are as follows:
  • 족치다 to torture severely; to put the screws (to a person)
  • 손보다 take care of; repair
  • 깝치다 to put on airs.
  • 분지르다 to break off; to fracture (a bone)

Here is the dialog and my translation:

뒷좌석 여자1: 야 우리 저년한테 삥뜯어서 노래방이나 가자.

(전화 울리는 소리)

뒷좌석 여자2: 야, 너....

모범: (전화를 받으면서) 여보세요. 아, 언니. .... 네, 지금 S고 애새끼들 족치러 가는 중이었어요. .... M고는 언니네가 손보기로 했죠? 그새끼들 다시는 깝치지 않게 다리 하나 분질러 놓으세요. .... 지금 곧 애들 만나니까 애들 필요하면 몇명 보낼게요. 연락주세요. 엄마때문에 범생이처럼 하고 나왔어요. .... 네...네. .... 네, 그럼 끊을게요. .... 나한테 무슨 볼일이라도?

뒷좌석 여자2: 아아뇨. 잘못봤어요.

Back Seat Girl1: Hey, let's take some money from that girl and go to a singing room or something.

(Phone rings)
Back Seat Girl2: Hey, you....

Model Student: (Answering the phone) Hello. Ah, older sister. ....Yes, I am on my way to "S" High School to put the screws to those punk kids. ....Your group is going to take care of the kids at "M" High School, right? .... Break one of their legs so that they do not get high and mighty again. .... I'm getting ready to meet my girls, so if you need any help, I'll send some over. Just call. Because of mom, I am dressed up as a model student today. .... Okay, okay, all right, bye. (hangs up the phone and turns to the girls behind her) Did you have something to say to me?

Back Seat Girl 2: No, we thought you were someone else.

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