Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why do clouds want so much?

Here is a poem from the elementary school, third grade textbook on the "Korean Lab" Web site.
풀씨를 위해 --- 李昌健

봄하늘 구름은
빨리 봄비가 되고 싶다.

땅 속 촉촉히
젖어 들고 싶다.
바위틈 촉촉히
스며들고 싶다.

흙 속에 묻혀서
바위틈에 끼여서
지금 막 눈을 뜰
이름 모르는
풀씨를 위해.

For the Grass Seed ----- by Lee Chang-geon

The cloud in the spring sky
is anxious to become spring rain.

It wants to go into the ground
and make it wet.
It wants to seep into rock cracks
and make them damp.

Buried in the dirt
Squeezed into the cracks of rocks
For the unknown grass seed
Just beginning to sprout.

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