Friday, October 07, 2005

What is like a 박꽃 (gourd flower)?

Today on the Korean Lab site I read some of the stories in the textbook for children in the second grade of elementary school. Specifically, I read stories supposedly written by children, themselves. While reading the stories, I realized I was looking into the mind of a child and, like a gourd flower, suddenly started to smile.

In one story entitled, "내 친구 기형이," I was reminded of the anxiety I used to feel as a child whenever I would go across the street to ask my best friend, Mark Carter, to come out and play. I was always worried that his father would answer the door. He father was not a mean man, but he had a gruff voice and was much stricter than my father. For example, Mark had to always answer his father with "Yes sir" or "No sir." It is funny how we forget most of our childhood anxieties.

Also, here are the thoughts of 김서영, just a little girl who loves her mother:
우리 엄마

곤히 잠드신 엄마 얼굴에 주름살 참 많기도 해라.

공부 잘 할께요. 말씀도 잘 듣고요. 나도 모르게 엄마 손을 꼭 잡았다.

엄마는 박꽃처럼 환하게 웃으시며 나를 꼭 안으셨다.

My Mom

On the face of my tired, sleeping mom, there really are many wrinkles. I promise to study hard, and I will obey you. Before I knew it, I was grasping her hand. Mom smiled at me, as bright as a gourd flower, and hugged me tightly.

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