Monday, October 10, 2005

Who is beyond the mountain?

Here is another poem from the elementary school, second grade textbook on the "Korean Lab" Web site:

山너머엔 ----- 尹 伊 鉉

山너머넨 누가 있길래
붉은 해님
살몃 잡아당기나?

산너머엔 누가 있길래
재잘재잘 참새 떼들
불러다 잠 재우나?

산너머엔 누가 있길래
해 같은 보름달
쏙 밀어 올리나?

Beyond the Mountain ----- Yun I-hyeon

Who is beyond the mountain
tugging stealthily on the crimson sun?

Who is beyond the mountain
calling to bed the chattering flocks of sparrows?

Who is beyond the mountain
pushing up suddenly a moon as full as the sun?

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