Friday, October 07, 2005

Is there a quick, easy way to learn Korean?

In the Korea Times article, "School Offers Quick, Easy Way to Learn Korean," the reporter introduces a new school for non-native Korean language students that uses the total-immersion concept by offering on-campus dormitories and seven hours of instruction a day. The school is located in the facilities of the Academy of Korean Studies in Bundang, just south of Seoul.

The program seems to focus on beginning learners since there are only three 4-week course levels offered. The school claims to be able to teach in only four weeks what is taught in other 10-week programs (probably referring to the Yonsei Korean Language Institute regular program) .

The price seems good since it costs only 1 million won for one month's lodging and 180 hours of instruction. Food is not included.

The program sounds interesting, and if I were just beginning my study of the Korean language, I would probably go for it, especially if I were coming to Korea for the first time and had no place to stay. One thing that may not be attractive to some is that the Academy of Korean Studies is pretty much out in the boonies, at least it was the boonies when I was working there part-time in 1982. As for me, I consider that a good thing since it would help me focus on my studies. After you finish the three levels at the school, then you should have enough Korean to come out and face the real Korea. However, do not be fooled by the title of the article. There is no such thing as a "quick, easy way to learn Korean."

Here is a link to the Web site mentioned in the article:

The Korean Language-Culture School (한국어문화교육원)


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  2. Tae Kim,

    No, but some Koreans have said I look like Phil Collins, probably because of my baldness. Also, when I had more hair, many Koreans claimed I looked like Robin Williams.


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