Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can you solve these math problems?


  1. 학생 11명이 군사놀이를 합니다. 4명이 기관단총을 가지고 나머지는 자동보총을 가졌습니다. 자동보총을 가진 학생은 몇명입니까?

    Eleven students are playing soldier. Four students have submachine guns, and the rest have automatic rifles. How many students have automatic rifles?
  2. 김정일화 화분이 12개 있었습니다. 새로 4개를 더 거져 왔습니다. 모두 몇개 이겠습니까?

    There are 12 pots of Kim Jong-il flowers. Four more new ones are brought over. How many will there be?

First Year Korean

  • 꼬마땅크 나간다
    우리땅크 나간다
    미국놈 쳐부시며
    꼬마땅크 나간다

    The baby tank goes out
    Our tank goes out
    Defeating those American (jerks)
    The baby tank goes out

The Textbook Museum is a fairly interesting site.

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