Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who is 이상?

이상 is one of Korea's most famous authors. I only remember reading two things written by him, 날개 and 황소와 도깨비. I did not care much for "날개," but I liked "황소와 도깨비." Maybe the reason I liked "황소와 도깨비" was that it is a children's story, which is fun and fairly easy to understand. Since 이상 is such a famous author, I may try to read more of his stuff later, when I find the time. As for 금오신화, by 김시습, I may have to wait a few more years before I try to tackle that one.

Update: The links do not seem to be working now. If the links do not work, go to the site's "Title Index" page and choose from the links there. Just look for the titles listed below. Maybe the site is designed to force people to go through its own menu to reach the pages?

Works by 이상

12월 12일, Epigram, 공포의 기록, 권태, 김유정, 날개, 단발, 동해, 병상 이후, 봉별기, 실락원, 실화, 약수, 종생기, 지도의 암실, 지주회시, 지팽이 역사, 환시기, 황소와 도깨비, 휴업과 사정

Work by 심훈

그날이 오면

Work by 나혜석

경희, 규원, 회생한 손녀에게

Work by 김시습


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  1. Haha.. I also like '황소와 도깨비' for its grotesque mood.


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