Friday, December 09, 2005

What's the difference between 합죽선 & 태극선

A 합죽선(合竹扇) is a "folding fan," and a 택극선(太極扇) is a regular fan with a 태극 symbol on it. Here are the Chinese characters for a 합죽선:
  • 合(합) join; combine
  • 竹(죽) bamboo
  • 扇(선) fan

Instead of linking to boring photos of the fans, how about these nice drawings?

I think THIS is a great little site, not only because of the beautiful drawings, but also because of the culture it teaches.


  1. Thanks for that site. Interesting way to learn some vocabulary as well. I was just clicking through the images and studying them like a kind of flash-card program. Cool!

  2. You're welcome, Pilgrim.

    After reading that you were clicking through the images "flash-card" style, I looked at the images again and noticed the small 3-colored bar in the uppper left-hand corners of the drawings. It turns out that the bar is "backward-index-forward" navigation buttons. I had not noticed it before. Anyway, it makes navigating through the images much easier.


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