Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What does 는개 mean?

The Korean language has several words to describe rain based on the size of the droplets, the time of the year, and how long the rain lasts. Here are some lists of rain vocabulary:

Rain Based on Droplet Size (starting with the smallest)
  • 안개비 a hazy rain
  • 는개 a misty rain
  • 이슬비 a foggy rain
  • 보슬비 a soft, windless drizzle
  • 부슬비 (a little heavier than 보슬비)
  • 가랑비 a drizzle
  • 실비 a fine rain
  • 억수 a downpour; a pouring rain
  • 장대비 a downpour of thick streaks of rain
  • 작달비 a downpour of thick drops of rain

Rain Related to Farming

  • 단비 (lit. "sweet rain") rain that comes when it is most welcome
  • 약비 (lit. "medicine rain") rain desperately needed by farmers
  • 모종비 a timely rain for transplanting seedlings
  • 목비 rain that comes when one is ready to transplant rice seedlings
  • 못비 a sufficient rain for rice transplantation

Other Kinds of Rain

  • 여우비 (lit. "fox rain") a sun shower (a brief shower that occurs while the sun is shinning)
  • 해비 a sun shower while the sun is low on the horizon
  • 봄비 spring rain (shower)
  • 소나기 a sudden shower
  • 채찍비 lashing rain
  • 오락가락하는 비 intermittent rain
  • 궂은비 a long, nasty rain

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