Thursday, July 09, 2009

How many different ways can rice be described?

Can you fill in the blank?
  • 밥이 _______________.

Suggested Answers

  1. 밥이 질다.
    The rice is mushy.
  2. 밥이 꼬들꼬들하다"
    The rice is hard and dry. (Thanks Surfyam.)
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  1. - 밥이 꼬들꼬들하다
    - 밥이 풀풀 날린다

  2. Thanks, Surfyam.

    밥이 꼬들꼬들하다 means "The rice is hard and dry," but I do not know what 밥이 풀풀 날린다 means.

  3. I asked a couple of friends, they don't know 풀풀 날린다.
    풀풀 is the sound of something boiling.

    Not worth learning I'd say.

  4. "밥이 풀풀 날린다"

    찰기가 없는 밥, 즉 주로 베트남쌀(안남미)로 된 밥을 먹을 때, 한국사람들이 느끼는 밥맛을 표현한 말입니다. 의미를 보다 확대해서 '찰기가 없고 맛없는 밥'을 묘사할 때 씁니다. 정형화된 표현입니다.

    The rice is too dry and tasteless.

  5. Surfyam says that 밥이 풀풀 날린다 refers to non-sticky rice, similar to that eaten in Vietnam, that does not taste good, at least to Koreans' taste.

    It seems that 날리다 might be referring to 흩날리다, which means "to scatter" (in the wind). I assume it is referring to the fact that the rice does not stick together when trying to eat it. In other words, it tends to scatter on one's plate.


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