Saturday, September 19, 2009

Was a male slave or female slave more expensive?

According to THIS WEB SITE, the poster below was in North Korea's Koryo Museum. The poster says that a female slave between fifteen and fifty years old once cost 120 pil (120필) while a male slave of the same age cost only 100 pil. Female slaves under fifteen and over fifty cost sixty pil while males slaves in the same age brackets cost only fifty pil. If you had the money, you could have gotten a cow for 400 pil.

Matt also has a link to a better picture on HIS SITE.


  1. because I love to eat nice food and women cook better, perhaps. But if I had lots of heavy farm work I would choose the cheaper, male slave.

  2. I m studying this subject.In colonial Chile, female slaves were more expensive too; men:200 pesos; women: 300 pesos.
    It should be an important subject for the study of gender differences.

  3. You guys don't need to study on it. Femail cow is always more expensive than male cow. Female slave is more expensive and it is same reason.

    Also, normally the buyer is men, so female slaves are more expensive. Supply and Demand...

  4. Women were more expensive because law at the time dictated that all children born to the female slaves became slaves of the mother's owner.


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