Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is "너무 출출해서 밥을 먹는다" correct?

출출하다 means "to feel 'somewhat' hungry" (but not really hungry), so it would not make sense to use with it the adverb 너무, which means "excessively." If you want to use an adverb with 출출하다, you should use 좀 or 조금, which mean "a little." Therefore, you could say the following sentence:
좀 출출해서 밥을 먹는다.
I am eating because I was feeling a little hungry.

If you do a Google search on "너무 출출해서," you will get an idea of how common the mistake is.


  1. First i am a Chinese not Korean, after my reading your notes about your understanding of Korean i think that there is one important point that you missed, which is something i can say like sense of language and its application in daily life. Do not judge the usage of one word or a sentence by grammar strictly. Sometimes you could not judge it by grammar, i think it is the same situation with English or whatever language. I learned arabic for years and it is the same. 너무 simply we can say it means very, it doesn't mean how hungry you are, but means your inside feeling, not physically. So there are no problem at all about these words or sentences, you can not say it doesn't obey the rule and it is wrong usage. No, never say that. People use it for reason. And it is right.


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