Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are Japanese interested in learning Korean?

I found the following video on Matt's blog, Occidentalism. It appears to be a comedy skit of a Japanese man learning Korean. I could get some of the jokes by just listening to the Korean, such as, 코를 성형해주세요 (Please do plastic surgery on my nose), but most I could not understand. I wish I knew Japanese.


  1. Most of the jokes are either teaching Japanese phrases as if they were Korean, slipping in the Japanese word for "idiot" (aho), learning situational phrases for a restaurant that repeatedly won't bring the menu, talking about the Korean stars at a party but throwing in random people (K1 fighter, Hong Kong star), and talking about red dragonflies for no reason.

    Humorous, but not great.

  2. the most funny fact about this video is that most japanese women get plastic surgery but try to blame koreans for no specific reaason.


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