Thursday, February 18, 2010

Korean Phychologist Suggests Apolo Ohno "Abnormal" and "Immature"

The Dong Ilbo, which is one of Korea's big three newspapers, has posted an article entitled, "Ohno's Spiteful Actions, Result of Immaturity and Lack of Love?," in which a Korean phychologist suggests that Ohno's "spiteful actions is a result of immature and excessive self devotion and a lack of love."

I will translate the article when I have more time.


  1. I respect the fact that you can finish reading these news articles. I try to avoid them. This may help people understand the article a little better.

    Not a translation, as you say you will do, but a translation aid, I guess. enjoy!!

    레이스 막판에: at the last moment of the race

    동계 올림픽: the winter olympics

    동계 올림픽 당시처럼 실격이 또 나와 : disqualified from the winter olympics back then

    한국 선수들이 넘어진 것을 조롱하기도 했다: he derided the fallen Korean athletes

    반발이 거세다: the backlash was strong

    물의를 일으켰다 ( 일으키다 ): in that way (by lying) he solved the problem

    꼬리를 내렸다: to be a wimp (to lay down your tail, perhaps between your legs)

    정체성 결여가 의심되다: whether or not he lacks a sense of identity is suspect/questionable

    이 같은 부류의 사람들: people like this, people in this category

    방어기제를 사용하고: they use a defense mechanism

    밉상 | somebody's ugly face or behavior
    실격 | disqualification, incapacitation, incapacity
    망언 | bad remarks, comments in bad taste
    장본인 | breeder, ringleader
    물의 | discussing , deliberating how to handle a situation
    결여 | negation, privation, a lack of, absence of
    정체성 | identity
    방어기제 | a defense mechanism
    서슴다 | to hesitate


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