Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you always wear your seat belt?

좌석(안전) 벨트를 항상 매세요?


  1. many koreans usually use '안전벨트' rather than '좌석벨트'

  2. I have heard both, 강호, but I cannot say which one I have heard more often since they seem to be used pretty much interchangeably. However, in a Google search, 안전벨트 shows up more often than 좌석벨트.

  3. haha, I will pay attention to see which one is more popular ^-^ Nice Illustration video clip.

    Have a nice weekend.

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  6. Most of us Koreans do not eat
    'DOG MEATS'!, also hate it!

    softer translation of
    "Do you always wear your seat belt?"
    is "당신은 항상 안전벨트를 매십니까(착용하십니까)?"
    Its tone usually use in public advertisements.


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