Sunday, July 24, 2016

What does 好事者 (호사자) mean?

好 (호) can mean either "good" or "to like," and 事 (사) can mean "thing," "matter," "affair" or "to serve" or "to work." When 好 is used as an adjective, 好事 means "good (好) thing (事)" or "good action," which translates into Korean as "좋은 (好) 일 (事) ." When 好 is used as a verb, 好事 (호사) literally means "to like (好) [others'] affairs (事)," which translates into English as "to be meddlesome." Therefore, 好事者 (호사자) literally means "one who likes [others's] affairs," which translates into English as "a busybody" or "a meddling or prying person." The 者 translates as "one who."

Today, I saw 好事者 (호사자) translated as "an onlooker."

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