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How do you cure a blocked urinary tract?

In 1455 A.D. a petition was submitted to the Ceremonies Board of Joseon's State Council requesting that a list of people be recognized for their filial piety, among other things. First on the list was a student named Lee Hyo-saeng, who definitely went above and beyond the call of duty for a devoted son. Here is the LINK, and here is his story:

Chinese Text:

()()()()()()()(): “()()()()()()()()()(), ()()()()(), ()()()()()(), ()()()()() ()()()()()()()(), ()()()便()()(), ()()()()

English Translation:

Petition to the Ceremonies Board of the State Council (議政府據禮曹呈) reported ():

“Lee Hyo-saeng, a student from the village of Juksan in Gyeonggi Province (
京畿竹山縣學生李孝生), served () [his] parents (父母) with the utmost () filial piety (). In the morning () [and] the evening (), without fail (不廢), [he] checked on them (定省). [If he] had () income (所得), [he] invariably () gave () it () [to them]. [When his] mother () died (), [for] three years (三年) [he] didn’t () stop () grieving (悲哀). [When his] father () was sick () [and] had no urine flow (小便不通), [he] sucked (), and () cleared () it ().

Korean Translation:

“경기(京畿) 죽산현(竹山縣) 학생(學生) 이효생(李孝生) 부모(父母) 섬기는 효도를 다하여 아침 저녁으로 혼정 신성(昏定晨省) 폐하지 아니하고 음식을 얻으면 반드시 이를 바쳤고, 어미가 죽자 3 동안 비통하고 애통하기를 그치지 않았으며, 아비가 병들어 소변(小便) 통하지 않게 되자 이를 빨아서 통하게 하였습니다.

HERE is a link to an interesting MBC Radio broadcast that mentions the above story.

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