Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hear about Naver's New Chinese Character Dictionary?

Naver has updated its online Chinese Character Dictionary, and it is good. Not only does the dictionary have a new look and new functions, but the number of characters in the dictionary has increased from 7700 to 28,000. Here are the new functions:
  • Drawing Recognition (필기인식기): This allows you to search for a character by drawing it with your mouse.
  • Shape Search (모양자 찾기): This allows you to search by only knowing one portion of the character. For example, if you search on 乙, it will show you all the characters with 乙 in them, regardless of whether 乙 is the radical for that character or not. This function is great and long overdue.
  • Auto Completion (자동완설기능): This offers suggestions even before you press the "Enter" key.

I love this new dictionary.

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