Thursday, December 23, 2004

What does 할푼리 mean?

할푼리 is a term used in Korean baseball to refer to a batting average. Here is how it works.

A baseball "batting average" (타격률 or 타율) is the percentage of a player's "base hits" (안타) to times "at bat" (타석 batter's box). It is calculated by dividing the number of base hits by the number of at bats. For example, if a batter goes to bat three times and gets one base hit, his batting average would be 1/3 = 0.333, which is a percentage expressed in decimals. Koreans refer to the first decimal place as 할, the second as 푼, and the third as 리; therefore, 0.333 could be written as 3할 3푼 3리.

할푼리 is pronounced / 할풀리 /.

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