Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who is 남영신?

Nam Yeong-sin (남영신) is an author who has written several books about the Korean language, including a book entitled, "남영신의 한국어용법 핸드북," which I find quite interesting. I paid 19,000 won for the book and think it was worth it, but you can read many of the chapters from the book online for free. Here are links to some of the chapters from the book and to a few writings that do not seem to come from the book:


  1.'re back. Welcome back! I look forward to some more good content and food for thought. ^^

  2. Hi Taemin,

    It is nice to hear from you, again.

    Yes, I'm back, but I do not know how much I will be posting. I'm pretty busy these days. Anyway, it feels good to be pondering the Korean language, again.


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