Friday, August 11, 2006

What is the history of Ulleungdo? (Ch. 17)

Hong Sa-seok Sent to Kangwon Province to Find Yodo

One day after the governor of Hamgil Province was ordered to search for Yodo, General Hong Sa-seok was sent to Kangwon Province to search for the island, as well. Here is the record describing the dispatch of Hong:
Source: 『世宗實錄』卷 四十八, 世宗 十二年 四月 甲戌條

April 5, 1430

遣上護軍洪師錫于江原道 尋訪蓼島.


상호군(上護軍) 홍사석(洪師錫)을 강원도에 보내어 요도(蓼島)를 찾아보게 하였다.


General Hong Sa-seok was sent to Gangwon Province to search for Yodo.
Since the above record was recorded just one day after instructing the governor of Hamgil Province to search for Yodo off his coast, we can assume that King Sejong was not 100 percent sure that Yodo would be found there. Maybe King Sejong had several leads and was just trying to cover all the bases, from Hamgil Province to Gangwon Province? At any rate, the king seemed determined to find the mystery island.

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