Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why do Koreans like "의" so much?

In a KBS News report, I found a sentence that is so awkward that it is hard to believe it was written by a Korean. See the portion in red:
유럽 6개국 순방을 마치고 오늘 오후 귀국한 반기문 외교통상부 장관은 일본의 동해 우리측 배타적 경제수역에서의 수로탐사 계획에 강력하고 엄중하게 대처하겠다고 밝혔습니다.

Notice that the writer used 의 twice in the same sentence, which is always a good clue that something is wrong. Here is how I would rewrite the phrase:
...일본이 우리의 동해 배타젹 경제수역에서 수로탐사 계획을....


  1. yes Gerry, you are right. It just goes to show you that there are bad writers everywhere. Also, the Koreans, even the media, can't agree on a standard pronounciation for 의. Sometimes it's "ay" as in way and others it's pronounced like "we".

  2. And here I thought this blog was dead. Speaking of bad writing, I recently came across "...서로가 서로에게 도움이 되고...." This guy needs some lessons from 이수열.

  3. 일본의 (동해 우리측 배타적 경제수역에서의 수로탐사) 계획에!
    원래 기사가 맞습니다. 고치신 부분은 "일본이 우리의 동해 배타적 경제수역에서 수로탐사한다는 계획에 대해서" 정도가 맞구요.^^


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