Friday, January 06, 2006

What does 네눈박이 mean?

A 네눈박이 is "a dog with black spots above the eyes," which makes the dog look like it has "four eyes" (네눈) "imbedded" (박이) in its head. Granted it is not a very useful word, but I like it for some reason. I think I might use it to describe people who wear glasses ("Hey, foureyes.") Anyway, here are a few more words that use the -박이 suffix:
  • 고추박이 a disparaging reference to "the husband of a woman of low birth" (고추 is "a red pepper," which is a euphemism for "penis.")
  • 금니박이 a disparaging reference to "a person with a gold tooth"
  • 덧니박이 a person with a snaggletooth
  • 두대박이 a two-masted ship
  • (본)토박이 a native; a native-born
  • 붙박이 a fixture; a fixed (build-in) article
  • 붙박이장 a built-in closet
  • (오이)소박이(김치) stuffed cucumber kimchi
  • 쌍열박이 a 2-barrel gun
  • 옥니박이 a person with inturned teeth
  • 외대박이 a single-masted boat
  • 점박이 a person with a birthmark or mole; a spotted animal
  • 판박이 a printed book
  • 판박이 문구 a set phrase
  • 판박이 생활 a routine life
  • 판박이 소리 a cliche
  • 판박이 인사 a conventional greeting


  1. 네눈박이
    판박이 문구
    판박이 생활
    판박이 소리
    판박이 인사

    There are above in a dictionary but most Korean don't use above...

    These are frequently used

    외눈박이 (one-eyed monster)
    토박이 (a local native who has been living in the place since birth. ex=> 서울 토박이)
    붙박이장 (built-in furniture)
    판박이 => 아들이 아빠랑 판박이야. (The son looks like his father very much.)

  2. Or white spots, of course.


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