Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ever heard "Hey, Jude" played like this?

I love the way they did this music. It's beautiful.

Today, I came across an interesting Web site named http://practicalkorean.com/, which describes itself as follows:
안녕하세요. Hello, and welcome to PracticalKorean.com. On this website you will find videos introducing very useful everyday Korean expressions that you might not find in typical Korean “lessons”. This website is brought to you through a collaborative effort of many people who are passionate about making it easier to learn Korean. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and if you’re in for some more serious Korean studying please check out KoreanClass101.com! Thank you. 감사합니다.

- Hyunwoo Sun

I think Hyunwoo has come up with a great way for learning Korean, whether he knows it or not. There are not many videos on the site, but can you imagine if YouTube were used to present 100s of mini video lessons on Korean, supplied by hundreds of different Koreans interested in helping foreigners learn the language? The videos are simple and to the point and without long-winded explanation. I like that. For example, look at the following video by Yoonhee, who teaches in a cute, simple way the Korean adverb to describe walking "with toddling steps."

You can also learn the vocabulary associated with the "rock, scissors, paper" game, and how to use 개뿔 in a sentence.

However, it looks like they will be moving their site to http://sendmetokorea.com/, which also looks interesting. I just hope they expand on the idea and make hundreds more videos because I am almost positive foreign learners of Korean will appreciate them. This is a great way to learn Korean.

List of Other Videos


  1. Hi Gerry.

    It's a great blog you have here.
    I've been reading it for a while, very interesting.

    I know Hyunwoo, he's incredible.
    He speaks ~7-8 langages, some very fluently and has been working on these website for a while now, it's getting quite good.

  2. Thanks, Ben.

    7 or 8 languages? Wow! Just his being able to speak both Korean and English so well impresses me, not to mention his handwriting. It is hard to imagine that he also can speak other languages.

    I think those short language videos with a little written explanation are a great idea. I think Hyunwoo, or someone, could create a great site with just those.


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